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Eye See…Eye Learn

I have something very exciting to share with you.  I was absolutely thrilled when I learned of this incredible free health program. It is called Eye See Eye Learn. Let me tell you a bit about the program.  Children who … Continue reading

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Your Child’s First Pair of Glasses

When babies, toddlers, or preschools first see the eye doctor, it can be surprising to find out they have a hard time seeing properly. Some children are more “at risk” of needing glasses. For example, for babies born premature, their … Continue reading

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Help! My baby won’t nap

I’ve had two babies. One that. Would. Not. Nap, and the other LOVED naps! Want to know what I did differently? Nothing. So let me start by saying – no, I don’t believe it’s anything you have done or did … Continue reading

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Questions about puberty? No need to panic!

Is there anyone out there who looks forward to talking to their kids about puberty? If so, I’d like to meet them. I’ve never wanted to talk about puberty, not when I was approaching it, going through it or finished … Continue reading

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7 tips for when your baby hates their car seat

My son hated car rides as a baby. For a while there, I was seriously questioning my wisdom in going out with him and my toddler ever. I know of parents who simply stopped car rides with their baby, and … Continue reading

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