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Big Kid Skill #2: Going to the washroom at school

This post is the second post for our Top 3 “Big Kid Skills” to learn before Kindergarten series. We all know everyone poops. (Hopefully, in the toilet!) So how do we get our kids to manage when poop happens at … Continue reading

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Just Wash’em!

“Did you wash your hands?” How many times do you end up saying that to your kids in one day?? I know I’ve said my fair share when my kids were younger.  Between kids playing with bugs and making mud … Continue reading

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Top 10 tips when you are outnumbered by your kids

When I was pregnant with my third, and I had a two and four year-old, I wasn’t worried about how I would adjust going from two kids to three. After all, I survived the intense and chronic sleep deprivation when … Continue reading

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How to increase your kids’ intake of fruits and vegetables with minimal effort

It was one of those busy days when breakfast was cold cereal and dinner was soup with grilled cheese. My daughter had refused the soup, and her lunch bag showed her container of fruit and veggies were untouched. Unless you … Continue reading

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Separation anxiety: Is it possible to stop the tears?

Have you ever had to peel a screaming child out of your arms for a daycare or kindergarten drop off?  I can tell you from first-hand experience that it’s not fun.   The stress it creates for everyone is tremendous. My … Continue reading

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