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Big Kid Skill #2: Going to the washroom at school

This post is the second post for our Top 3 “Big Kid Skills” to learn before Kindergarten series. We all know everyone poops. (Hopefully, in the toilet!) So how do we get our kids to manage when poop happens at … Continue reading

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Just Wash’em!

“Did you wash your hands?” How many times do you end up saying that to your kids in one day?? I know I’ve said my fair share when my kids were younger.  Between kids playing with bugs and making mud … Continue reading

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Separation anxiety: Is it possible to stop the tears?

Have you ever had to peel a screaming child out of your arms for a daycare or kindergarten drop off?  I can tell you from first-hand experience that it’s not fun.   The stress it creates for everyone is tremendous. My … Continue reading

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Top 10 life skills for teens

My co-worker Andrea wrote a great blog recently called Top 3 “Big Kid Skills” to learn before kindergarten. This got me thinking – what about my teenagers, and what skills will they need to be competent and successful in the … Continue reading

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11 life hacks for taking care of yourself when you’ve got a baby

May 4 is Maternal Mental Health Day! I like to think of it as a day for us mothers to think about ways we can promote our own mental well-being. And Mother’s Day is on Sunday – a day to support and … Continue reading

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