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How to be your child’s best advocate

You think your child is unwell or may have a developmental delay, or a learning disability – but you’re having difficulty navigating the system to get a diagnosis and a plan. You’re feeling frustrated, worried and scared.

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10 tips for supporting kids in stressful times

As parents and caregivers, we might see our children’s lives as being carefree and happy. Hey, they don’t have to pay the bills, take care of the household, feed the family or chauffeur people all over the place! But kids … Continue reading

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So much to do at the library with your baby

If your baby is fussing and you need a break, maybe it’s time to head to the library! Are you surprised?  Libraries are not what they used to be. Erase any mental images of furrowed brows and steel-like stares; things … Continue reading

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How to search for child care for your baby

Shortly after my first child was born, the very idea of going back to work left me with a sick feeling in my stomach. Sure, I loved my work, but how was I going to leave my baby? How was … Continue reading

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Finding Joy…My family’s New Years Resolution

A new year is upon us – a year that offers hope, excitement, new adventures and a personal fave, the opportunity to be open to new ideas and ways to live life. As I walked around my post-Christmas home picking … Continue reading

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Being a new parent can feel overwhelming

There is nothing quite as life-changing as becoming a parent. As a childless person you may have imagined what it would be like to become a parent. Maybe you pictured yourself rocking a sweet, sleeping baby; having fun picking out … Continue reading

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Why the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) should matter to you?

I think we can all agree that the air we breathe is pretty important but, just like many of you, I often take it for granted.  When we talk about “air”, the conversation tends to focus on air conditioning or air travel.  Air is … Continue reading

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