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So much to do at the library with your baby

If your baby is fussing and you need a break, maybe it’s time to head to the library! Are you surprised?  Libraries are not what they used to be. Erase any mental images of furrowed brows and steel-like stares; things … Continue reading

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How to search for child care for your baby

Shortly after my first child was born, the very idea of going back to work left me with a sick feeling in my stomach. Sure, I loved my work, but how was I going to leave my baby? How was … Continue reading

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Finding Joy…My family’s New Years Resolution

A new year is upon us – a year that offers hope, excitement, new adventures and a personal fave, the opportunity to be open to new ideas and ways to live life. As I walked around my post-Christmas home picking … Continue reading

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Being a new parent can feel overwhelming

There is nothing quite as life-changing as becoming a parent. As a childless person you may have imagined what it would be like to become a parent. Maybe you pictured yourself rocking a sweet, sleeping baby; having fun picking out … Continue reading

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Why the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) should matter to you?

I think we can all agree that the air we breathe is pretty important but, just like many of you, I often take it for granted.  When we talk about “air”, the conversation tends to focus on air conditioning or air travel.  Air is … Continue reading

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Trusting your instincts when something feels wrong during pregnancy

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was very fortunate to have a circle of friends to support me who had already travelled the path of parenthood.  The best advice that another mom gave me, and that I still use today, is to … Continue reading

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The HPV vaccine and boys

My 13 year old son recently had his yearly routine physical. Now that he’s in grade 8, I was asked to remain in the waiting area (yet another sign that he’s growing up!). The doctor still invited me in afterwards … Continue reading

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