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For most of my nursing years I have been out in the community supporting new parents on their fabulous and sometimes crazy journey into parenthood! I love working as part of the HaltonParents team. I have 2 sweet boys, who continue to amaze and surprise me everyday. So glad we could connect.

When one child says ‘Yes’ and the other says ‘No’!

Several years back hubby and I lovingly nicknamed our young boys ‘Pig Will’ and ‘Pig Won’t’ (thank you, Richard Scarry).  It seemed if one child was game to do something, the other was definitely against it, ughh!  At the time, … Continue reading

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Granola bars more than a dressed up cookie?

There are many appealing things about store-bought granola bars; they’re convenient, portable, kid friendly and don’t require refrigeration. Perfect to compliment the lunch bag void, and for those grab-and-go moments. Sold, too easy right? But darn, sometimes “too easy” is … Continue reading

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Look up! You may be surprised at what you see

I like to people watch.  Let’s face it, people are interesting and you just never know what you will see. When you think you have seen it all, boom there it is and in a flash you are sucked into … Continue reading

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A lifetime of benefits for kids in the kitchen

I didn’t appreciate being in the kitchen until I was married.  I’m the baby, the third of three girls and was often tasked with well… let’s call them “less complex” jobs.  Honestly, my mom had more willing and capable help … Continue reading

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3 “weird but true” things about newborns

You drove 30 km/hr home from the hospital and discovered a new world of crazy drivers… You survived night 2 and 3 with a fussy newborn and seriously engorged breasts… You’ve spent countless hours staring at your sweet baby in … Continue reading

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Keep calm and carry on…planning for the holidays together

For many parents, the “most wonderful time of the year” is really not so wonderful. In fact, it’s the time of year when we often feel overwhelmed and stressed out.  We know it and our kids sense it. We are … Continue reading

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Simple ways to get out the door with your new baby

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby! You are finally home and getting used to life as a family.  Now that you’re settled, the itch to venture outside your four walls may have started. But the thought of where to … Continue reading

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