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Sugary Snacks and Kids: What’s the Right Combination?

“Mom, why does junk food taste so good?”  Good question! I know exactly how she feels, you see among other things, she’s also inherited my sweet tooth. “You’re right” trying to come across as factual. “It does taste good”. However, I … Continue reading

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Why YOU & YOUR kids should care about local farms?

I’m sure you’ve all heard wonderfully colourful stories from your grandparents. You know the ones about walking 10 kms to school, up hill, both ways. I love hearing those tales and I’m lucky enough in my family to have heard … Continue reading

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“My toddler refuses to eat!”

The amount of food Pumpkin is able to consume in one sitting is so shocking at times that my husband and I will do a play-by-play analysis: “First she ate a whole banana! Then she reached for the cheese! I … Continue reading

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Eating on the run. Here’s how we make it work…

My work day has come to an end. I should be humming a happy tune as I skip to the elevators to start my descent toward the fresh air. Instead I walk slowly, with trepidation… I take a few deep … Continue reading

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Will my kids eat healthy at university or college?

It seems like yesterday when I was leaving home for university. I was so excited to be free from rules and parents – and be in charge of my own life.  The thought of a meal plan while I was … Continue reading

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Starting solids? No need to rush.

Debating whether to start your baby on solid foods before 6 months of age? Hearing conflicting advice?? I’ve got a whole other perspective for you. Personally, I’m not sure what the rush is. Life is easier before solids. There’s no … Continue reading

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Sports Nutrition

Does this conversation sound familiar to you? “But mom, why can’t we bring in freezies and chips for the end of the game, Sally’s parents did last week?”

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