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Help! My baby won’t nap

I’ve had two babies. One that. Would. Not. Nap, and the other LOVED naps! Want to know what I did differently? Nothing. So let me start by saying – no, I don’t believe it’s anything you have done or did … Continue reading

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The key to surviving life with a newborn

The key to surviving life with a newborn is low expectations. Lower. Even lower. There you go. Remember all those things you had imagined pre-baby, you know that picture of you putting your little one down for a nap and … Continue reading

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Kids, fighting and back to school routines.

“Will you stop fighting!” I tell my kids, raising my voice a little too loudly. Yes, my kids are at it again and it can be so frustrating and trivial to me! And it seems to be getting worse as we go … Continue reading

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Why you’re STILL talking about sleep when you have teens…

As I read my colleague, Andrea’s, recent post Is she sleeping through the night yet?, I chuckled to myself because, guess what? I’m still talking about sleep now that my babies are teens! They stay up late & sleep late…very LATE on … Continue reading

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“Is she sleeping through the night yet?”

When my husband and I meet another couple with a baby, our joke is that it takes less than 5 minutes before the conversation moves to sleep and baby poop. Lucky for you I’m not going to talk about baby … Continue reading

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Starting solids? No need to rush.

Debating whether to start your baby on solid foods before 6 months of age? Hearing conflicting advice?? I’ve got a whole other perspective for you. Personally, I’m not sure what the rush is. Life is easier before solids. There’s no … Continue reading

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Surviving the Cottage with a Baby

My husband just cannot get excited about sleeping outside and so instead of camping, our yearly summer tradition is “cottaging.” The cottage itself is never anything fancy. It just needs to have beds indoors, a working shower/washroom, a barbeque, nearby … Continue reading

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