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How to encourage children to say thank you

My daughter used to be that child who didn’t say thank you when she received a present. It wasn’t so much that she forgot to say thank you; she outright refused to say thank you. But wait – before you … Continue reading

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6 easy ways to save money over the holidays and reduce stress

I find it so easy to overspend for the holidays. At first it’s gift-shopping – the ads and the music and the general festiveness of it all really puts me in the mood to splurge on my family and friends. … Continue reading

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Happy Holiday Wishes to you and your family

Carolyn, Paula and I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for following HaltonParents. As both parents and public health nurses, we truly enjoy writing our parenting blogs with you in mind. Thank you for sharing all … Continue reading

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The holidays are a great time to talk to your kids about alcohol

As stressful as the holiday season may be, I do admit to enjoying most festive rituals and traditions.  Mine include family, food, baked goods and red wine! Ahh…there is nothing like cooking a turkey and enjoying a nice glass of … Continue reading

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Merry? Maybe…. Maybe not….

Whatever your tradition, the next few weeks tend to be a time when family and friends come together to enjoy each other’s company, laugh about old times and create new memories.  For many, it truly is the most wonderful time … Continue reading

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Lessons learned from our youth about volunteering.

I think we can always learn from one another, especially from our youth. One important lesson we can learn from them is the art of giving back. Today’s youth are volunteering more than ever before and more than any other … Continue reading

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Here’s to a super chillin’ holiday!!

After today, we at the HaltonParents will be stopping for the holidays to take some of our own advice and spend some quality time with our children and families. We hope you are looking forward to this time as much as we are. … Continue reading

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