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Positive parenting. Is it worth it?

I am officially the mother of a 16 year old! How on earth did that happen? How is it that I am the mother of teenage kids! I never imagined I would be that old or that I would be … Continue reading

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Role Modeling – they are watching us!

Kids are awesome imitators. What we do as parents shows our kids how we want them to behave. A few weeks ago I was driving with my youngest in the back seat and we were running late.  We came upon … Continue reading

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Thank you… Oh and one more thing please

HaltonParents bloggers would like to send you warm wishes during this holiday season! We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you! Thank you for reading our blogs and using HaltonParents as a trusted parenting resource. We would … Continue reading

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Being a new parent can feel overwhelming

There is nothing quite as life-changing as becoming a parent. As a childless person you may have imagined what it would be like to become a parent. Maybe you pictured yourself rocking a sweet, sleeping baby; having fun picking out … Continue reading

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Attitude changes and emotional outbursts. Should I be worried?

“Can you please clean the cat litter?”, I ask as I’m running out to get groceries. My daughter’s response: “No thank you!” I don’t know if she thought adding the “thank you” would soften her response and get her off … Continue reading

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Are you contributing to mealtime mania?

I recently delivered a presentation to a group of parents with young children on ‘mealtime mania’–the name says it all. Parents were worried that their toddlers were not eating enough, were refusing to try new foods, or were a picky eater. … Continue reading

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Women ROCK!

International Women’s Day is upon us.  A time to reflect on, and truly embrace, one indelible truth: WOMEN ROCK! Many of us are juggling being mothers, partners, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, sisters and friends – and doing it darn well I might … Continue reading

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