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Questions about puberty? No need to panic!

Is there anyone out there who looks forward to talking to their kids about puberty? If so, I’d like to meet them. I’ve never wanted to talk about puberty, not when I was approaching it, going through it or finished … Continue reading

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Why you need to stop rushing your preschooler

Do you feel like you’re always in a hurry, rushing your kids around? Have you ever stopped and wondered how this affects your child? I was recently walking through a park, when I noticed a grandmother with her young granddaughter. … Continue reading

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Big Kid Skill #3 – The ins and outs of backpacks and lunchboxes

This post is the last post for our Top 3 “Big Kid Skills” to learn before Kindergarten series. Check out the first two posts: Big Kid Skill #1: Getting dressed Big kid skill #2: Going to the washroom at school … Continue reading

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Preparing for a New Sibling

My second baby is due very soon and I’ve got a lot on my mind. I’m not so worried about loving the baby as much as my first – everyone has reassured me that the heart just grows to expand, … Continue reading

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Toddlers, Transitions and Tantrums

A few months ago, I felt like I lost my grip on this mommy thing. Only now am I ready to share. It was about my daughter’s transition to child care: the most challenging mommy experience I’ve had to date. … Continue reading

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My son stresses over getting A’s at school…Should I be worried?

As I read last week’s blog Education week and Mental Health week: I see the connection, I feel Paula’s struggles with her young daughter and the stress she has about school. This reminds me of a documentary I recently watched … Continue reading

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Your teen just finished their first day of grade 9!

Does it ever feel like you’re talking to yourself when your trying to have a conversation with your teen?? “You finished your first day of grade 9! Tell me all about it.”

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