To mom from baby: Birth to three months

Hey it’s me, that little person you grew inside your belly.  I’m out now, and thought I would share a few of my thoughts with you.

When I first arrived into your world it was a bit scary. The room was bright, almost blinding and the new sounds were crazy, even the ones that came from my mouth!  But then you looked me in the eye, spoke softly and we connected.  I felt safe when you cuddled me on your chest; as I lay with you, my skin next to yours, it was comforting to hear the familiar “lub-dub, lub-dub” of your heartbeat. I felt relaxed and happy to be close to you.

Young baby (5 weeks old) with mother.

After a wee catnap on your chest, I got hungry. The “buffet” cord that used to feed me had disappeared.  I mustered up the energy to wiggle across your chest and was thrilled to find the best drink I’ve ever tasted.  To my surprise it was unlimited refills, a huge relief  since my tummy seems to fill and empty quickly!

It’s been three months since my birthday and my life on the outside is exciting!

Play time around our house is amazing. I love all the fun mirrors, mobiles and colourful shakers, even tummy time is cool, but by far my favourite toy is you. Your silly faces, funny sounds and crazy dance moves are the best and my body feels happy and tired after playing together.

Young mother is playing with her baby boy in bed

Night time is a bit different. It can be long for me. I miss you sometimes and still get hungry. I think it’s because my tummy is still small and I’m always growing.  I often wonder if I will be as tall as you when I wake up.  Please keep coming when I call for you. You aren’t spoiling me – I’m actually building my trust in you.  You are my lifeline and you make me feel very secure.

Sleeping Baby Girl

It is really helpful that when I talk or cry, you are beginning to understand me  even though our words sound different.  I can’t figure out how you do it, but maybe it’s all that face time we have together. I really love it when we chat back and forth and you tell me what’s happening or show me new and different things. As for the timing of  my late night conversations, not ideal, I know, but my body is changing so quickly that it’s out of my control. I certainly work hard to look extremely cute when you arrive so you don’t feel flustered.   Most of the time I think it works! Mommy, I really do appreciate all the things you do for me and love you to the moon and back.

Thanks for being there, you’re the best!  xo


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How to get the info you need, when you need it

Don’t miss another email! HaltonParents’ eBulletins are delivered to your inbox as baby grows. They keep you up-to-date on what you need to know and what you’ve been wondering about with your baby or toddler. I’ve been getting these emails for my little one and I love how they keep me on my toes. Seriously – thank goodness for the reminders to give my second-born his vitamin D and tummy time. Take that, mommy-brain!

Whether it’s your first or fourth baby, I think you’ll love the eBulletins as much as I do. Get great ideas, information and reminders about: Continue reading

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Kids and Boredom – why it’s a good thing!

“Mom, I’m bored!” Are you already hearing this?

I’ve heard several parents mention they need to keep their kids organized and occupied this summer because their kids are already complaining they are bored.

“Is it a bad thing for kids to be bored?” Doesn’t boredom give rise to some great creativity? Just because your kids are complaining of boredom doesn’t mean you have to solve this with structure. Continue reading

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How puppy classes prepared me for parenting

I always joke (tongue-in-cheek) that “everything I needed to know about parenting I learned at puppy class”.  That might sound a bit funny to you.  And I in no way want to imply that the complexity of caring for and loving a baby is the same as caring for and loving a dog, but there are some remarkable similarities in strategies for managing behaviour. Continue reading

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Is your child ready for a smart phone?

How do you know when it’s the right time for your child to have a smart phone? I just don’t know if he’s ready, but he says “everyone has one!” Does this sound familiar?

Start by considering your own family’s circumstances. Phone and data plans are expensive, no doubt about that. Does your child have a tablet or an iPod they can use? Do they really really need a phone?

Now let’s chat about the difference between need versus want. All kids want a phone, of course they do! It is a privilege to have a phone, not a right – and along with that privilege comes a great deal of responsibility. So let’s think about it: is it an identified safety issue for your family? Will your child be home alone and require a phone (do you have a house phone)? Are they taking public transit? Continue reading

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Countdown to calm: How to ease transitions for toddlers

As a parent, you’ve likely received a lot of child-rearing advice – most of it unsolicited. While I usually take tips from strangers with a grain of salt, there’s one nugget I think of as the best piece of parenting advice I have ever received.  OK, that might be an exaggeration, but the fact that I still remember it after many years says something.

When my daughter was about two years old and my son was an infant, we would go to the park every day. We’d enjoy our time playing on the swings, going down the slide, making mud pies in the sandbox.  Then there was the moment of truth: as soon as the words “It’s time to go home” left my lips, my daughter would spiral down into a full blown, wailing, flailing, down-on-the-ground temper tantrum.  I would struggle mightily to carry my hitting, screaming child home, while pushing the stroller with the other arm. Continue reading

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Why you can’t miss Canada Day here in Halton region

For me, there’s nothing quite like kicking off the summer with family and friends on Canada Day.  Across Halton, Canada Day celebrations are in full swing from morning till night.  There is something for everyone, from parades to duck races, bouncy castles to rock concerts, yoga to museum tours. Deciding what to do will be the hardest part! Continue reading

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