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New to Canada? How to embrace winter!

When my parents told me we were moving to Canada, I remember being so excited to see snow for the first time. I couldn’t wait to make a snowman like the ones I had seen in the movies. You can … Continue reading

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Happy September

I simply love September.  It’s my favourite month of the year.  There is just something about this month and season that wraps me in feelings of renewal and optimism.  September is more like New Years Eve to me, full of … Continue reading

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Spring into action in Halton!

Spring is in the air. The weather is warming, the sun is shining and the crisp breeze gently presses against my face as I take a long, deep breath and feel inspired. Inspired to get outside with the family. But my … Continue reading

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Get outside, enjoy winter and walk every day!

Ok, so Winter Walk Day is Wednesday Feb 3rd, it’s an event aimed at parents and children to leave the car at home and trek to school!  If you remember reading my past blogs, I’m the mom who lets her daughter and … Continue reading

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Is it safe to let my kids play outside?

As a public health nurse and parent, I sometimes feel like I am pulled in opposing directions when trying to balance safety and physical activity. In public health, our priority is prevention. If we spend our limited time, energy and resources on … Continue reading

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Staying safe and staying healthy at the splash pad

In my opinion, nothing beats a splash pad for free neighbourhood summer fun! I especially love how kids, families, friends and neighbours of all ages come together to play and enjoy the cooling water jets and wafting mist. My girls really loved going to the splash pad, … Continue reading

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Discover Halton this summer: tons of family fun to be found here!

The Summer 2015 edition  of MoneySense magazine listed Halton Hills, Burlington and Oakville in their Top 25 Best Places to live in Canada.  I feel so fortunate to live and work in such a great region! Whether you live, work or just come to here to … Continue reading

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