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Is it hormones or mental health? What every parent needs to know.

I heard shouting down the hall… then crying. My daughter entered the room with an empty mug in her hand and she’s sobbing. “She spilled my hot chocolate.” So we are crying over…. spilled hot chocolate? Understandable behaviour if she … Continue reading

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Why you need to stop rushing your preschooler

Do you feel like you’re always in a hurry, rushing your kids around? Have you ever stopped and wondered how this affects your child? I was recently walking through a park, when I noticed a grandmother with her young granddaughter. … Continue reading

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Potty training: Is my child ready to start?

There’s nothing that strikes fear and anxiety in a parent quite like the words “potty training”. This stage of development often conjures up a range of emotions. Whether you refer to it as potty training, toilet training, or toilet learning … Continue reading

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Should we routinely track our children’s development?

My little guy is now almost 18 months old and we recently received our 18-month Well-Baby package in the mail from HaltonParents. I love it when my work helps me out in my home life!  The package includes information about this important 18-month progress check … Continue reading

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Babies, Toddlers and Touch Screens

Have you seen this video from UserExperienceWorks? “A magazine is an iPad that does not work.” So, what do think? Do you have a touch screen tablet computer or smartphone in your house? Do you let your kids use them, … Continue reading

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Baby’s First Push-Up: In Praise of Tummy Time

CONGRATULATIONS! You made it through pregnancy, labour and birth (maybe barely!) and have been rewarded with a beautiful baby…a baby who is depending on you to give them a good head start in life.   No pressure!  Here is one relatively … Continue reading

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Ready Set Go to Kindergarten: Social Development

This post is the last of a 5-part series about getting your preschooler ready for Kindergarten. Be sure to check out Paula’s other top 10 tips for getting your preschooler off to a good start. “Mommy – wanna play with me?”  I … Continue reading

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