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“Mama needs a drink!” Is it time to rethink our drinking?

The Rethink Your Drinking campaign has me thinking. Thinking about standard drink sizes, the long and short term health effects of alcohol use and when zero alcohol is the limit. It also has me thinking about my kids. When I … Continue reading

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Burns: Painful and Preventable

Before shifting my focus to becoming a Public Health Nurse, I had the privilege of working as a pediatric nurse in children’s hospitals in Toronto and London, Ontario.   What I enjoyed most about working in a hospital setting was being in the children’s … Continue reading

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Water babies: Making your first trip to the pool a success

It brings a smile to my face whenever I hear the “motorboat, motorboat, go so fast” song, because it takes me right back to my years as a swim teacher.  I have always loved watching the “water magic” happen between parent and babe.  If you’ve had … Continue reading

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Learning to be a lifesaver, not just for the professionals

Accidents happen quickly, too quickly.  When a child gets hurt, the words “I turned my back for one minute” often follow.  It’s impossible to be a superhero and prevent every accident from happening, but there are things we can do to improve … Continue reading

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Childproofing – keeping my expectations realistic

I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Pumpkin is two years old, and has  become so independent lately. She’s no longer falling and bumping her head all over the place (well, for the most part), … Continue reading

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Are Helmets Really Enough?

Before I begin, let me be crystal clear about one thing – wear helmets. Whatever the season – whatever the fun and awesome activity, we could all use a little reminder of the many reasons a helmet is a vitally important … Continue reading

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Surviving summer with a newborn and toddler

My first baby was born just as winter was gearing up (brrr), so I’m super pumped to have a summer baby this time around! Pumpkin and I love to be outside (not to mention it was a looong winter) so … Continue reading

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