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How to build a secure attachment with your baby

I remember being struck by how my son, David, looked at me – really looked at me. He took in my facial expressions, my words, the tunes I sang, and responded with his own changes in facial expression, babbling and … Continue reading

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Separation anxiety: Is it possible to stop the tears?

Have you ever had to peel a screaming child out of your arms for a daycare or kindergarten drop off?  I can tell you from first-hand experience that it’s not fun.   The stress it creates for everyone is tremendous. My … Continue reading

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Finding “ME” time as a parent… Is it really possible?

Why is it the moment nature desperately calls or your best friend rings from overseas after months without connection, or you are toe deep into that warmly filled bathtub one of your toughest weeks when your kids “hunt” you down … Continue reading

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Adoption: Ties that Bind Us Together

This post is the first in our Year of the Family 2014 series, a celebration of families. It was really my husband who came up with the idea to grow our family through adoption. There were so many little people … Continue reading

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We all know when it comes to your kid, no one compares!

How many of us have come across parents who gloat about how their child is developing faster than everyone else’s? You know, the “my son walked at nine months,” and “my daughter was speaking in full sentences before she was … Continue reading

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Why all the fuss about attachment?

What is attachment parenting anyway? According to what you may have read in the media recently, it’s about extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping and baby-wearing. However, that is not what attachment is really all about. It’s not about the way you feed … Continue reading

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Is it normal for babies to cry?

My first baby cried… a lot.  As a new mother, I wondered if this was normal.  I asked my mother, midwife, friends and the Public Health Nurse and they all reassured me it was.  My daughter cried many times during … Continue reading

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