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When one child says ‘Yes’ and the other says ‘No’!

Several years back hubby and I lovingly nicknamed our young boys ‘Pig Will’ and ‘Pig Won’t’ (thank you, Richard Scarry).  It seemed if one child was game to do something, the other was definitely against it, ughh!  At the time, … Continue reading

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Why we need to stop forcing our children to hug

It’s the holiday season and that means lots of visits with friends and family. This can also lead to an awkward situation: relatives (ahem, grandparents!) and others who expect automatic hugs and kisses from children — even when some kids … Continue reading

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Countdown to calm: How to ease transitions for toddlers

As a parent, you’ve likely received a lot of child-rearing advice – most of it unsolicited. While I usually take tips from strangers with a grain of salt, there’s one nugget I think of as the best piece of parenting advice I have … Continue reading

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Disobedience? No. It’s TEMPERAMENT, yo!

“I don’t like hockey.” Four small words that could make a Canadian parent cry. Today I want to tell you about how my family’s ice hockey experience taught me a valuable lesson about parenting. Our hockey journey brought to life … Continue reading

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We all know when it comes to your kid, no one compares!

How many of us have come across parents who gloat about how their child is developing faster than everyone else’s? You know, the “my son walked at nine months,” and “my daughter was speaking in full sentences before she was … Continue reading

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Is there really anything wrong with this generation of kids?

There we were, sweltering in an excruciatingly humid auditorium in a tiny church in our small town on the hottest evening of the year.  The room was packed with the parents, siblings, grandparents, friends and neighbours of the brave little … Continue reading

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Yeah, I used a child harness…that’s right – not a leash, a HARNESS!

A nice, brisk, spring stroll along the lakeshore at Burlington’s Spencer Smith Park was just what the doctor ordered after a long winter of kids constantly sick with tonsillitis.   My mood was as grey as the endless weeks of dreary … Continue reading

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