From Fertility Clinic to a Two-rrific Pregnancy!

This is the final post in a three-part series about the pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

“Whoa…she’s HUGE!” is what I heard as I rounded the corner of a local Tim Horton’s shop.  A small herd of teenagers were referring to the size of my pregnant belly.  “There are two in there” is all I said.  A collective and almost sympathetic “ohhhh” came from the teens.

My story started several months before, after unsuccessfully “trying” to get pregnant.  I knew something wasn’t right and eventually found myself at the fertility clinic to help us start a family.  I was surrounded by both ladies with pregnant bellies, and others that looked a little lost like me, wondering what the future would hold.  I read somewhere that 1 in 6 Canadians will experience infertility.  I hated being one of those stats.

After several more months of blood work, medication and ultrasounds, the day finally arrived that we were pregnant!  The date was set, and the expected day of arrival was June 11, 2003.  The first ultrasound at nine weeks showed a little creature with the faintest fluttering of a heart, kidneys and was about the shape of a peanut.  THAT was our baby!  We decided to keep it a secret until that magical 12th week, which would be around my mom’s and his dad’s birthdays.  What wonderful news this would be for our parents to learn that a grandbaby was is on its way.

At my next ultrasound, the technician oddly spent a lot of time on my belly while making clicking noises with her mouse. She finally cocked her head to one side and said “What exactly did they say about your last ultrasound?”  I plainly responded “A singleton pregnancy, I saw the kidneys and heart.”  She got up and said she had to get my husband and walked out the door.  My mind was racing wondering why she would say that???

My husband stood close to me in that tiny room while the ultrasound technician told us we would not be having one baby but TWO!  With that being said, she swung the screen back for us to see and yes, indeed there they both were.

Twins!  Now THAT was the best gift ever!

It’s funny what concerns, doubts, fears and excitement can come from one word “TWINS”…

  • “How am I going to cope with two babies?”
  • “What if I deliver early?
  • “Do we need another crib or a bigger house?”
  • “Will I be able to breastfeed two?”
  • “That is so cool, two at once!”

It was invaluable for me to get connected with other mothers who have experienced the same questions, thoughts, and stresses that families expecting multiples face.

Nancy Bowers wrote in “The Multiple Pregnancy Sourcebook” (p.35):

  •  View your pregnancy as special, not abnormal.  Focus on having a positive attitude about your pregnancy and your babies, and don’t be afraid to enjoy the good parts of this experience.
  • Believe in your body’s ability to provide for your developing babies, and envision yourself as a nurturing, safe haven.  Communicate your love to your babies by talking, reading and singing to them.
  • Enjoy watching your body grow, and be proud of the incredible way your body is nurturing your babies
  • Be assured of your body’s ability to give birth to your babies.

Each week of my pregnancy I considered an accomplishment, and I knew that each day brought my twins to a healthier start to life. And what I can say to any parent expecting twins is:

  • you can cope with two babies
  • you may go early, (but according to Linda G. Leonard, Associate Professor at UBC and Multiple Births Specialist) the average twin pregnancy is 36 weeks
  • you don’t need a bigger house
  • you can breastfeed both of them
  • two at once is awesome!

Share your experience:

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About this guest author:

Annette Montgomery is a Public Health Nurse working with the Early Years Health Team.  She loves connecting with parents that are expecting or have young babies and has a special interest with families with multiples.  Annette loves being with her three kids – 8 year old twins and her little “bonus feature” who is 5 years of age.

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