Celebrating Clean Air Day with Wings and Thingamajigs

Clean Air Day is a time to celebrate our environment by keeping our air clean. It’s also a great time to share walking safety skills with children, to address traffic congestion, pollution and idling around our schools, and most importantly—to spend valuable time with one another.

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate Clean Air Day, here is a new resource to get you started: Wings and Thingamajigs, an environmental picture book for children aged four to eight.

Storytelling is an important part of environmental change. Books with environmental themes can help inspire earth friendly living at an early age.

Wings and Thingamajigs is the second in a three-book series about the implications of air quality and climate change on human health. This book builds on the themes presented in book one, A Farewell to Featherwagons, particularly the impact of transportation and greenhouse gases, while introducing alternative forms of transportation such as walking.

The story illustrates that simple actions such as walking or biking to school, can have a big impact, not only on our environment but on our health and the health of our children.

The story brings back Biff, Tyto and Alba-Alba, the barn owls from the first book and introduces a new character, a feisty Screech Owl named Echo. When the owls arrive for their first day of school, they are surrounded by idling vehicles in the school drop-off zone. The pollution affects Alba-Alba, who has asthma. As the story progresses, the owls are given an assignment – to invent a non-polluting form of transportation powered with their own wings and talons. While building her project, Alba-Alba discovers that her new friend, Echo, also has breathing difficulties. Together, Alba-Alba and Echo learn that by taking action to “spare the air,” they’ll be able to breathe better and have fun along the way.

Over the next few months, copies of the book along with a complementary online Storytelling Kit, will be provided to public libraries in Halton as well as child care centres, schools, community networks and partners.

For Clean Air Day, why not walk or bike to your local library and borrow a copy of the book to share with your children or grandchildren. Then consider testing out sustainable transportation on a regular basis by walking or biking somewhere you would normally drive.

For more information or to download an electronic version of Wings and Thingamajigs, visit www.halton.ca/thingamajigs. The first 100 people who complete a copy of an online evaluation of the book will receive a free copy of the book.

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About this guest blogger:

Beckie Jas is an Environmental Health Specialist for the Halton Region.  As an environmental media expert, she creates diverse education and marketing campaigns for children and adults.

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4 Responses to Celebrating Clean Air Day with Wings and Thingamajigs

  1. Hello,
    I absolutely love this initiative and this book! As a Holistic Health Practitioner in Georgetown. I see so many children suffering from environmental toxins, in the air, in their homes, in their schools and daycare centres. I am a HUGE advocate for Clean Air for our kids to breath. Our highly sensitive and aware new generation of children are really waking us up and showing us what needs to be cleaned up and changed in our world through their many sensitivities, allergies and illnesses.
    I also advocate for natural cleaning products, personal hygenine products and health care products. I am excited to pass on the message about these great books and use them in my own private practice, workshops etc….
    I will fill out the online survey and look forward to receivng my FREE books and reading kit!
    We have the picnic this Sunday and it would be great to have the books by then to read to the kids.

    All welcome to the picnic at – J.C. Saddington Park in Port Credit 2:00-8:00 p.m. hosted by Kid’s Coaching Connection – Susan T. Howsan of Magnificient Creations. Clowns, Face Painting, Music, Reading Station, Crafts, Food and Snacks….a great time to come out and celebrate the Kid’s Coaching Connection Program who has just received full accredidation from the International Coaching Federation. This is a Holistic Youth Life Coaching Program that is awesome!

    Lastly, I provide presentations on Natural home care products for Clean Air in our homes, workplaces, daycare centres etc… Would love to incorporate these books for the youth in the audience during these presentations. So Excited! Thanks Halton!

    Michelle LeRoy
    Energy Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Youth Life Coach
    Cornerstone Health Centre
    6 Guelph St. Georgetown

    • Lilly Sulug says:

      Thanks for your feedback Michelle. Glad you enjoyed the books and thank you for promoting them. For mor information on how to obtain the books, you can call 311 . Sounds like you are doing really great work.

  2. BJas says:

    Hello Michelle,

    We really appreciate your feedback and help promoting the books, I have prepared a package for you and will mail next week. To view all of the resources, please visit: http://www.halton.ca/thingamajigs.

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