March Break is here! Take our poll…

It’s March Break week here in Halton Region! It’s business as usual for us but we’re dying to know (oh to be 8 years old again!) how are your kids spending their week off from school? Please take our poll or leave us a comment 🙂

About Andrea Scott RN

I’m a public health nurse with the HaltonParents team – you'll find me on Facebook, Twitter and on this blog, writing about all things parenting. I’ve been working for the Halton Region Health Department since 2006 and my focus has been on supporting parents with babies and little kids. I have two little ones myself, “Pumpkin” and “Monkey” who give me plenty to write about! :)
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1 Response to March Break is here! Take our poll…

  1. Cynthia Lindsay says:

    Great tips for parents on kids staying at home alone – or sign up for our workshop April 17th,2013

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