How not to say the wrong thing

Last week I posted a blog about how to help and support a family facing illness.  That blog focused on what you can do.

Speak no evilAlong with the challenges of not knowing what to do, you can face the challenge of not knowing what to say.  And speaking from experience, people can say the darndest things!

I ran across this essay in the LA Times a few weeks ago that I thought was brilliant advice on how not to say the wrong thing. The essay discusses a simple “ring theory” with the philosophy of “Comfort IN – Dump OUT”.  It really puts things in perspective.  The great thing about this theory is you can apply it to almost any situation.   The article provides some great examples.  I hope you find it as enlightening as I did.

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Parenting and supporting families to be as healthy as possible is my passion. I love opportunities to connect with Halton families on social media and look forward to chatting with you online. Halton Region is where my family lives and plays.
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