What are YOU doing this Family Day?

The countdown to Family Day is on!  We have about a week left to plan our highly engaging and meaningful family activities for that special day!  What to do; what to do?  There’s so much out there!  Come on now!   Let’s get at it!

Know what I’m planning?  Absolutely nothing.  Not a thing.  In my house, we’re gonna go (or not go) where the spirit moves us (or doesn’t) on that day.  That’s what my kids really want, ya know?  Just good, old-fashioned togetherness.  And they shall have it!

I was reminded of what matters over this past school break when ice storms and illnesses cancelled all our plans except for dinners with the grandparents and immediate family stuff.  The night before the January restart of school, both my kids told me that “this was the best holiday EVER” – and I agreed with them; it was.  And what I realized was that we essentially did nothing.  Didn’t spend a dime; went nowhere at all.

Family Sitting In Boot Of Car Wearing Winter Clothes

Now, I’m not gonna lie, that reality came as a bit of blow, considering that I have been known to part with large sums of money on trips to warmer climes over the holiday period.  Learning that their “best holiday ever” didn’t cost me a red cent kinda put me off a little!  But, if I’m honest with myself (and listen to what my kids are clearly telling me), those itinerary-driven, highly scheduled, not-so-relaxing “holidays” weren’t what my kids wanted or needed at all.  What they needed was a break.  Some unstructured, spontaneous, good, clean (or messy) family FUN!

Sure, we might just end up in our local arena for a family skate, or a rec centre pool for a swim or on a tobogganing hill somewhere.  Or, we might not.  Maybe we’ll just stay home.  Maybe we’ll play cards or board games or have a dance party in our family room.  Maybe we’ll draw, paint or do some Rainbow Loom® (but I secretly hope that’s not their choice, as it’s the current bane of my existence and I have no forearm space left on which to place any more colourful treasures – LOL!).  Maybe we’ll just snuggle and watch movies all day!  What my kids have taught me is that it just doesn’t matter; as long as we’re together.

Whatever you decide to do on this most precious of days, enjoy it.  Whether you’re all in your pj’s for 12 hours straight playing “go fish” umpteen times or exploring the Bruce Trail getting lots of exercise and breathing in the crisp winter air, it’s YOUR day.  Have it your way.  Happy Family Day!

Here’s some stuff to do (or not)! 🙂

So, tell me – what are you doing on Family Day?

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