Seize the day with your family. Everyday!

parachutingCarpe diem! in the past when I heard “seize the day”; my thoughts used to run wild with the idea of being spontaneous, of trying something new and crazy. Living life like there is no tomorrow. Just doing it! Whatever your “it” may be.

However, now that I’m a mother (and older & wiser…LOL), most of my days are not a lotto 649 commercial… they are just my everyday routine. The days simply run into one another, the weeks quickly turn into months and years. Time really does go faster the older you get… (or so it seems). So, if this is my life’s reality, how on earth do I seize the day? I have a full schedule juggling a marriage, kids, career and commitments. All pulling me in different directions!

It’s been a challenge, actually a wonderful challenge. Life experiences have taught me that it’s really about framing what’s important. It’s not about seizing those crazy moments; it’s about seizing your everyday moments. There are times in your life that leave you changed, my moments have been watching the strength of those around me go through insurmountable obstacles and grief.

Family Running Through Autumn Countryside

Teens with parental involvement develop stronger socialization and decision making skills as well as greater academic success.

This has changed me as a parent. Seizing the day is about having a positive relationship with your loved ones. Especially with your teens as they transform into wonderful young people. They no longer cuddle in your arms, or run to you the second you enter the house… but they still want and need you to be involved in their lives. I’m not talking about hovering and being around your teens 24/7. I’m talking about being involved. Spend time together, share ideas, talk about life events, talk about school and eat meals together as often as you can. Put your phones down and listen. Really listen, even when it’s something that doesn’t interest you.

Its’ important to enjoy your time together, it could be gone in an instant. Do not judge your kids too harshly. Especially for that missed shot, or bad game/performance. It’s easy to win and to be the superstar. It’s really hard to fall and pick yourself back up. That’s when they need us and our support even more.

So now when I hear “seize the day”, it’s about building trusting relationships with my kids and family. Let’s use family day as a reminder of what’s really important in our lives… and seize everyday as a family day.

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Hi everyone. My name is Cynthia Lindsay and I work as a public health nurse with the school years program. I've been a nurse for over 20 years (wow time flies!) with the last 13 years focused on what I've discovered to be my passion... Parenting. I now have many parenting accreditations and enjoy connecting with parents in the community through Triple P, parenting groups & social media. "Je parle aussi le français" and I love working, making connections, and raising my 2 teens with my hubby in Halton.
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