Women ROCK!

International Women’s Day is upon us.  A time to reflect on, and truly embrace, one indelible truth: WOMEN ROCK!


Many of us are juggling being mothers, partners, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, sisters and friends – and doing it darn well I might add! In light of this most auspicious occasion, I wrote a poem, detailing our awesomeness, through my lens. Enjoy!

Keeping toes and faces clean,
Giving floors that glossy sheen,
“You did what with a jelly bean?
What’s this in the grocery cart?”

A decade lived on little sleep,
A busted glass, a laundry heap,
Two kids in bed without a peep.
And that is just the start.

Full-time work, feel like a jerk,
“Mom, can you teach me how to twerk?”
How do people make this work?
The guilt invades my heart.

Homework, hockey, Scouts and dance,
Filling buckets with one glance,
Yoga, veggies and ROMANCE?
My seams begin to part.

Finding Legos in strange places,
Board games, toboggan races,
Warm hugs and happy faces,
It hits me like a dart.

What makes it worth the stress and strife?
Juggling through this crazy life?
I’m an awesome mommy/daughter/wife,
And THAT’s what fills my heart!

Happy Women’s Day y’all! Be good to yourselves and each other. We deserve it!

So, what do you think about how much women rock?  LOL! Tell us about it!

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About this blogger:

Paula D’Orazio RN is a public health nurse with the Early Years Health Program at the Halton Region Health Department.  Wanna know more about her?  Read her blogs!  She’ll tell ya!  (She kinda likes to talk.)

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6 Responses to Women ROCK!

  1. I liked your poem, really fun and uplifting. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Dianne Miller says:

    Fantastic Paula I needed that today Di xo

  3. Rose Cipriani says:

    Awesome! Your poem says it all!

  4. Paula D'Orazio says:

    Glad you all enjoy it! 🙂 Paula
    P.S. The “filling buckets” reference isn’t random rambling – although I’m known to do that – LOL! Click on the those words and the link will explain. 🙂
    Happy Women’s Day!

  5. kajsa says:

    Loved your poem! I want to see it as an illustrated book! 🙂 Michael Martchenko perhaps?

  6. Luisa says:

    Fantastic Poem! We truly are SuperWomen!
    P.S. Paula does love to talk but they are the best chats ever…..very wise and super hillarious!

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