Earth Day: It’s a Family Affair

“We have not inherited the earth from our fathers.
We have borrowed it from our children.”
(Author unknown)

Wow. Pretty powerful quote when you really stop to think about it, huh? After reading it over a couple of times, I gave it some serious thought (while pairing up socks, helping with homework, cleaning the kitchen, signing up for soccer at the last minute and other various “tasks du jour”). No, seriously. It really did hit home, even with the “pressing” concerns and obligations of everyday life staring me down. It was strong enough that my thoughts went to a deeper place my mind doesn’t always get the luxury to go. I pondered this…

The choices I make and the steps I take during my stay on this planet make a mark – a serious, permanent mark that will impact future generations. Again, wow.

That’s kind of a big deal, no? Sure, most of us are conscious about not idling in our cars; reducing, reusing and recycling (in that order), practising water conservation and following whatever the latest environmentally friendly behaviour might be. But sometimes it can be challenging to make a conscious effort to promote and demonstrate a sincere love for the earth and the environment at all times.

If you’re like me, daily life often shifts my focus in other directions. But maybe, just maybe, we can do a wee bit more – and teach our kids a little something along the way. They already know the drill:

For example, we could very easily model a genuine appreciation and love for the earth and all of its wonders: the creatures, beings and cells, from the most majestic mountain to the murkiest marsh and from the most beautiful butterfly to the grossest grub. Maybe this we can fit into our busy lives!

But, HOW you might ask? Well, we can:

  • Learn (with our kids) about our Halton habitat and how the things we do can either help or harm it.
  • Explore Halton and uncover all the living things whose home we share. Talk, on the spot, about how the things we do might help those very things live healthy lives or make them sick. Point out why littering is loathsome and dumping is a disaster! 🙂
  • Snap some pics of the plants, animals and other living things we discover and have some family fun afterward finding library books or websites about them. We can even print our photos (‘member that? – actually printing photos!) for a scrapbook of our adventures or pin them up in a special place in our homes!
  • Walk the talk by making sure our kids see the steps we take to help the earth and its living things to live on forever.

Soapbox speech…over. Happy Earth Day, y’all! And welcome SPRING 2014 (finally)! I say that with caution, given that I had to pull out my winter coat and boots last week.         Now, let’s go out and explore Halton! Bronte Creek Provincial Park anyone?

What are your plans for Earth Day?  Let us know!

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About this blogger:

Paula D’Orazio RN is a public health nurse with the Early Years Health Program at the Halton Region Health Department.  Wanna know more about her?  Read her blogs!  She’ll tell ya!  (She kinda likes to talk.)

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