School’s Out for Summer (But Routines Aren’t)

I refuse to lecture you on this one. I’m just going to say my brief little piece and then wish you a FUN and AWESOME summer and that’ll be that. I promise!

Okay – here goes (deep breath): try, when you can, to maintain some semblance of routine over the summer. Just as mental rest, physical activity and quality family time are what kids’ minds and bodies need, summer routines are in there somewhere too. Whew…there…I said it.

Summer beach writing

Yes. Summer is meant to provide kids a break from the rigours of the daily grind – some time to rest their minds and open their eyes to new experiences. It’s a time to get their bodies moving; playing sports and other outdoor activities and to soak in all the opportunities for family fun and adventure that are unique to this warm and wonderful season. It is a very important and meaningful time for kids and their families. Agreed.

But there is evidence that a complete break in routine isn’t good, can cause stress and can actually have a negative impact on a child’s overall wellbeing.

So, here’s some really simple stuff we can do to keep summer fun and frivolous, yet still healthy and with enough order to meet our kids’ basic need for routines:

  • Show that you value routines for yourself and for kids of all ages.
  • Enjoy lots of physical activity and play in various settings with family and friends. Make a pact to do lots of fun stuff!
  • Have many small, healthy family snacks throughout the day and lots of water to stay hydrated in the warmer weather.
  • Try to stick as closely as possible to the same wake-up and bed times every day (I know, I know – I can hear your heads shaking – notice I said “try”). 🙂
  • Work simple math and language activities into your travel time or other quiet time so that the routine of having these concepts as part of a usual day just feels normal.
  • Go somewhere new together as a family, whether local or abroad, and see things you’ve never seen – explore a different region or culture. It’s all good learnin’!

Above all else – have family fun together this summer. Stop, breathe and notice the beauty that surrounds you. Summer will fly by – enjoy it! (Now, get to bed! LOL)

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About this blogger:

Paula D’Orazio RN is a public health nurse with the Early Years Health Program at the Halton Region Health Department. Wanna know more about her?  Read her blogs! She’ll tell ya! (She kinda likes to talk.)



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