Learning to be a lifesaver, not just for the professionals

Accidents happen quickly, too quickly.  When a child gets hurt, the words “I turned my back for one minute” often follow.  It’s impossible to be a superhero and prevent every accident from happening, but there are things we can do to improve the outcome.

Today, I am writing this blog to encourage you to go get some First-Aid/CPR training. Honestly, it has come a long way from that scary looking mannequin from swim lessons! The training is invaluable, and a small sacrifice of time in exchange for the confidence, knowledge and skills you will gain.

Teacher demonstrates CPR life saving techniques for her teenage students.

Here are 2 very different scenarios:

Scenario 1

You are at an outdoor family BBQ catching up with relatives and turn to find your toddler turning blue, quietly choking on a hot dog. Your heart is racing, mind in overdrive and all you can think is “Oh no, oh no… what do I do? ”  Frozen you scream for help.

Scenario 2 …(this will feel much better, I promise)

You turnaround to discover your toddler silently choking, and turning blue.  The training you took comes flooding back and with presence and peace of mind you act quickly.  You are in control of the situation, and despite feeling panicked you know you have just saved your child.

I know we would all choose scenario 2 if given the chance. So clear your schedule and make some time for a First Aid/CPR course.  If not for yourself, for the ones you love, your decision may make a life-saving difference.

There are a variety of training options out there. Blended modules- online/face-to- face and group training, or better yet have a trainer come to you, gather up a group of friends/family and make it happen!

About Carolyn Wilkie, RN

For most of my nursing years I have been out in the community supporting new parents on their fabulous journey into parenthood! I love working as part of the HaltonParents team. I have 2 awesome boys, who make me smile daily! So glad we could connect.
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