That moment when we found out it was twins

A closeup shot of the feet of twin girl babies. Shot in the studio on a sheepskin rug.

You know that laugh? The laugh you get in situations that aren’t funny.  It’s a hysterical sort of inappropriate laugh when you’re nervous?  The laugh you just can’t control?  That’s what happened during my 18-week ultrasound when we found out I was growing twins!

We were already blessed with a beautiful boy who would be just under two years old when my next would arrive.  Coming from a larger family, I wanted kids and I wanted them to be good friends.  I thought the best way to do this would be to have them close in age.  It never crossed my mind that we would have a set of twins.

I was having regular appointments with my doctor.  I was gaining more weight, more than I had with my first pregnancy.  I was feeling good, big but good!  My husband raced from a meeting to join me for the ultrasound.  It was a very good thing he made it!  The technician was taking plenty of time quietly looking around.  I was watching the screen closely.  I am fascinated with being able to see the baby.  Suddenly, I noticed two heads!  I thought I was going to faint! The technician quickly left to find another technician to assist her.  They arrived back to my side to share that we were having twins and proceeded to measure each baby.  This is where the uncontrollable laughter set in.  My husband and I laughed so hard we cried.  The two of us were out of control.  I’m pretty sure it was total panic on both of our parts.  Let’s just say we were gob-smacked!

The girls arrived safely.  We went from a family of three to a family of five with three in diapers!  It was hilarious at times and exhausting at others.  While we’d not planned for twins, the time flew by and we’d do it all over again if given the chance!

If I could go back in time, this is what I would tell myself:

  • Toddler boy posing with his newborn identical twin sistersAccept help (and food)! Let your mother-in-law fold your granny panties. Who cares! People want to help, so take them up on their offers.
  • Be kind to yourself. You are being the best parent you can be. Just love those babies!  And a break for mom or dad is a great thing.
  • Don’t get ahead of yourself. When will they sleep through the night?  What about solids?  How will I potty train them all?  Are they getting enough rest?  Will I have enough time to read books to them each day?  Should the twins stay together in classes in school?  Guess what?  Cross these bridges when you get to them.
  • You will leave the house again! The first time you go out you may feel overwhelmed.  What will I do if both babies start crying or my two year old has a temper tantrum?  It is much easier than you think.  For me, it always seemed to work out fine!  This always surprised me, but it’s true.
  • Enjoy all of your children’s gifts! One child will sleep better than the other and one child will jump higher than the other.
  • Take time to enjoy! The saying “Enjoy every minute, because they grow up so fast!” is truer than you can ever imagine. With my eldest heading off to high school in September, it truly makes me reflect and be thankful that I take time to enjoy each of my kids!

Enjoy your journey as a parent. Embrace what is before you… and feel free to laugh when you want to cry!

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About this blogger:

Tara Johnston, RN: I am thrilled to be helping families in the Halton community by supporting parents with children across the ages. I have a broad background in public health, and with a set of twins of my own, I am passionate about supporting families with multiples! I am enjoying my own parenting journey with my 3 awesome school-age children!

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2 Responses to That moment when we found out it was twins

  1. Opalla says:

    What a heart-warming blog post! Congrats! This is a lovely theme to write about. Look forward to more. 🙂

    • Andrea Scott RN says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Opalla! I’ve let Tara know. You can look forward to more blog posts from her as she is our newest blog-writer 🙂 ~Andrea

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