From your baby, with love

Hi Mommy – it’s me again.

Baby sleeping on mom's chest skin to skin

Yes, it’s dark outside, but I can’t read clocks and all I know is that I need you. When I wake up because my tummy is grumbling, I need you.

I’m hungry.

And lonely.

And need to hear your voice and feel your touch.

The best thing in my world is your face and arms and warmth.

To me, you are perfect.




You fill me up with love and food.

Sometimes I am so hungry I forget to be gentle when feeding.

Sometimes I am so tired I forget how to calm myself down.

Sometimes I am so unsettled I need to be held and rocked…and held and rocked…and held and rocked.

Mommy, I know you’re tired. When I see your tears fall and hear you whisper “How can this be so hard?  What do you want?” I wish I could tell you how good you are to me. Father carrying sleeping son

I wish I could tell you it’s OK to take a break from me – hand me to someone else who loves me, put me somewhere safe for 5 minutes, let Daddy give me my bath.

I wish I could tell you it’s OK to reach out for help, to talk to your doctor, and go to that group. I love you so much and don’t want you to suffer.

But always, Mommy, know this truth:

You are beautiful.

And amazing.

And enough.

I love you.

Love, your baby

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About this guest blogger:

Janet Siverns:

Picture of Janet Siverns

I have worked as a Public Health Nurse with Halton Region for many years. On any given week you will find me at one of our Prenatal Nutrition (HPNP) or Adjusting to Parenthood (A2P) groups. I enjoy having supportive conversations about mental health. As a survivor of perinatal mood disorders (PMD), I have a passion for helping new parents navigate the sometimes challenging transition to parenthood. When not at work, I enjoy the company of my grandchildren  and going for walks with my goldendoodle Finnegan.

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1 Response to From your baby, with love

  1. Zaheeda says:

    Very well written. So touching, I had tears in my eyes. Thank you for writing this!

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