5 great ways to enjoy winter with the family!

I remember getting my kids bundled up for winter outdoor activities. What a process! First figuring out what activity to do and then telling myself – maybe more than my kids, that going out into the cold weather would be fun. Then getting them ready to go outside by putting on snow pants, boots, coats, hats, scarves and mitts, while they squirmed and said that they were hot. By the time we were done, I’d already had a workout and needed to rest!

Little boys sliding on sled in winter with helmets

But oh, my! How good it felt to breath the cold air and spend time with them playing and laughing outdoors. After coming home, the kids, with their cool, rosy cheeks, would laugh and talk about the experience over hot cocoa.

Not only is it rewarding and fun, but being active regularly with your kids when they are young increases their “physical literacy”.  When kids have developed the skills, confidence, and love of movement, they are more likely to be physically active for life. Physical activity is an important way to prevent disease and stay healthy.  This is good for our kids – and also for ourselves!

There are so many budget-friendly and local winter activities you can do with your family! Here are some options:

dad and 2 kids, one in wheelchair with snowman

  1. Take a winter hike or snowshoe at one of your local parks.
  1. Play outdoor games or create things from snow.
  1. Go tobogganing.
  1. Skate on an outdoor skating rink,
  1. Shovel snow together.

Pick an activity that you like, so you can join in and enjoy the winter wonderland together! Check out these hot tips to stay safer during cold weather activity.

We’d love to hear about ways in which your family enjoys the great outdoors in the winter time!

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I’m passionate about connecting with parents and supporting them in their parenting journey! My nursing career began with caring for infants at the Hospital for Sick Children followed by working as a Public Health Nurse supporting parents with children of all ages. I’m the mother of two grown boys and when not at work, I enjoy cycling, swimming and time with family.
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