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Tether straps and forward-facing car seats: what you need to know!

As a mom, a nurse and a certified car seat safety technician, I am super-aware of the importance of having a correctly installed car seat.  Simply put, a correctly installed car seat prevents injuries and saves lives. So imagine my … Continue reading

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Why babies and toddlers should stay in a rear-facing car seat as long as possible

I remember a number of years ago (okay, full confession – about 18 years ago) when I couldn’t wait to move my baby out of her infant-only car seat and into her new forward-facing car seat.  I was anxious to … Continue reading

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Car seat shopping tips new parents need to know

It’s the night before your big purchase.  How exciting! A brand new car seat for your baby-to-be! Before you start matching the seat’s fabric colour to your car’s interior, remember: Car seats are one of the most important pieces of safety … Continue reading

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