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How to help your child cope with vaccinations

It was time for booster shots (cue doomsday music). My daughter was 5 years old and right at that age where many kids tend to have a well-established fear of needles. I remember learning in nursing school that kids of … Continue reading

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“That was easy!” Reporting your child’s immunizations

My daughter got her booster shots recently, and it’s been on my mind, I’ve got to report these to the health department. Somewhere in the middle of laundry, groceries, working and, oh right, taking care of my kids, I need … Continue reading

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“WHOOP! There it is!” Pertussis (whooping cough): Are your kids protected?

Your kid’s not looking so good.  You’ve noticed cold-like symptoms for a few weeks.  Maybe he’s running a low grade fever – maybe not.  You’ve not been too concerned till tonight. He’s never lost his breath or thrown up as … Continue reading

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