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How to build a secure attachment with your baby

I remember being struck by how my son, David, looked at me – really looked at me. He took in my facial expressions, my words, the tunes I sang, and responded with his own changes in facial expression, babbling and … Continue reading

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7 tips for when your baby hates their car seat

My son hated car rides as a baby. For a while there, I was seriously questioning my wisdom in going out with him and my toddler ever. I know of parents who simply stopped car rides with their baby, and … Continue reading

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What you need to know before your baby is born

On the day of your baby’s birth, she will sleep a lot and won’t cry much. You and your partner will have lots of energy – even if birth was exhausting – thanks to a helpful burst of adrenaline. You … Continue reading

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Considering the collapse of parenting: Are we really parenting?

At the moment there’s a huge debate swirling about the so-called collapse of parenting. My colleague did a great job summing up what most parenting experts do agree on, part of which is strengthening the parent-child relationship. But what does that … Continue reading

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Babywearing a bundle of benefits

My first baby cried frequently. We spent many of our early days cuddling together on the couch. Actually, who am I kidding…it was more like pacing the halls, rocking in the glider until it squeaked, replacing batteries in the vibrating … Continue reading

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Is it normal for babies to cry?

My first baby cried… a lot.  As a new mother, I wondered if this was normal.  I asked my mother, midwife, friends and the Public Health Nurse and they all reassured me it was.  My daughter cried many times during … Continue reading

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