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It is possible! Tips for traveling with kids who have special needs

With the school break coming up fast, many families are preparing to travel. When you have a child with special needs, or even a child who struggles with transitions, you know there’s more to consider than just packing clothes for … Continue reading

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How to talk about disabilities with kids

Just before turning one, I lost my hearing and don’t remember being any other way. My life (to me, anyway) is normal. There are plenty of modifications that I need and use. I wear a hearing aid in one ear … Continue reading

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What about the siblings of a child with special needs?

My colleague Cynthia wrote a great post about sibling rivalry (check it out here), and this line really resonated with me: “Children don’t need to be treated equally. They need to be treated uniquely.”

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Rebellious Behaviour from an Adolescent with a Developmental Disability

“I don’t want to go to summer camp this year! I hate summer camp!  You can’t make me go!”  The frustrated and confused mother can’t understand why her 15-year old daughter is being so difficult.  She has gone every other year.  … Continue reading

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Leaving Home for University or College… With a Disability

Is your teen considering flying the coop to attend university or college?  For many parents this creates a whole new list of worries and anxieties.  Maybe a part of you is looking forward to your teen going away.  But chances … Continue reading

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