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Dealing with misbehaviour: Connect and be a detective

Here at HaltonParents, we are asked how to deal with all sorts of misbehaviour. These questions can be difficult to answer. Very few misbehaviours can be solved by suggesting that if you do X, then your child will do Y. It can … Continue reading

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Time Out or Time In – a temperamental question?

Time out or Time in?  What is the best strategy?  I wish there was an easy answer to tell you – but the fact is, it’s just not that simple.  Many child behaviour experts promote one strategy over the other.  … Continue reading

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There are no princesses or maids living here…

Have you ever heard yourself repeating the following, “Come for dinner please?” “Clean your room!” “Stop hitting your sister.” “Behave!”  I know I have. What about: “Get me some milk!” “No!” or “I don’t want to.” These are some of … Continue reading

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