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The benefits of a healthy smile are more than you think!

On an elementary school ski trip my bestie had her front tooth broken off by a wayward t-bar chair lift. Three things were learned that day and the days that followed; finding a broken tooth in the snow is impossible; … Continue reading

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We all know when it comes to your kid, no one compares!

How many of us have come across parents who gloat about how their child is developing faster than everyone else’s? You know, the “my son walked at nine months,” and “my daughter was speaking in full sentences before she was … Continue reading

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Your Child’s First Pair of Glasses

When babies, toddlers, or preschools first see the eye doctor, it can be surprising to find out they have a hard time seeing properly. Some children are more “at risk” of needing glasses. For example, for babies born premature, their … Continue reading

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Eye See…Eye Learn

I have something very exciting to share with you.  I was absolutely thrilled when I learned of this incredible free health program. It is called Eye See Eye Learn. Let me tell you a bit about the program.  Children who … Continue reading

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