You are never too old to choke!

Have you ever choked on something? Have you ever had to perform abdominal thrusts (also known as the Heimlich maneuver) on someone or have it done to you? It doesn’t matter how old you are – anyone can choke! With little ones we worry when they start eating solids. We stay close by as they eat in the early years to monitor them. As our children grow, sometimes choking isn’t on our mind as much.candy 2

We went out for a lovely dinner as a family. We were with grandparents, cousins, aunt and uncle. As we were paying for our meal, our children were sifting through the very exciting bowl of hard candies at the front desk. I think you know where I’m going with this story! Continue reading

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Baby you can drive my car… I think

Handing the car keys over to my 16 year-old is one of the most difficult parenting moments I have yet to encounter.

Putting her on a 10 hour flight as an unaccompanied minor had caused me angst and kept me awake until she set foot back on familiar soil but this is different.

young smiling woman sitting in car taking key

When I was almost 17 I took my driver’s test in my small hometown. The test was thorough and incorporated the skills required by the Ministry – this was all accomplished by approaching the single traffic light in town from different angles.  No joke. I passed. My parents set one expectation: no night driving for two weeks. Beyond that it was full speed ahead (no pun intended).

The rules are different now. Continue reading

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Top 10 tips when you are outnumbered by your kids

When I was pregnant with my third, and I had a two and four year-old, I wasn’t worried about how I would adjust going from two kids to three. After all, I survived the intense and chronic sleep deprivation when I had my first kid. I survived the wrath of kid #1 when his nose was out of joint when kid #2 was born (and fortunately, kid #2 survived too). It wasn’t until a friend of mine said, “Going from two to three kids is a game-changer because now the parents are outnumbered!” I laughed. I doubted I had to prepare for being overtaken by an unruly child mob, but it did make me think. How would my husband and I fare going from ‘man-to-man’ to ‘zone defence’? Four years later, here are my top 10 tips when you are outnumbered by your kids.

2 pairs of adult rainboots and 3 pairs of children's rainboots with caption: Top 10 Tips when you are outnumbered by your kids Continue reading

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Help! My baby won’t nap

I’ve had two babies. One that. Would. Not. Nap, and the other LOVED naps! Want to know what I did differently? Nothing.

So let me start by saying – no, I don’t believe it’s anything you have done or did not do. Every baby is different, even babies in the same family. At some point, all babies and toddlers will nap! Continue reading

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When one child says ‘Yes’ and the other says ‘No’!

Several years back hubby and I lovingly nicknamed our young boys ‘Pig Will’ and ‘Pig Won’t’ (thank you, Richard Scarry).  It seemed if one child was game to do something, the other was definitely against it, ughh!  At the time, one son was very passionate and outgoing and the other was more reserved and cautious in his approach.  I won’t lie, this was a challenge on many everyday levels. It took us some time to figure out how to best parent them, given their different temperaments, and ours too!

Continue reading

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How to increase your kids’ intake of fruits and vegetables with minimal effort

It was one of those busy days when breakfast was cold cereal and dinner was soup with grilled cheese. My daughter had refused the soup, and her lunch bag showed her container of fruit and veggies were untouched. Unless you count the banana muffin she had at snack – I don’t – she had exactly ZERO fruits and veggies that day.

As I was putting my daughter to bed, I thought about her day and the “Counting down to a healthy lifestyle,” 10-5-2-1-0 recommendations. Check out the video below to get the scoop: Continue reading

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Help my little one is sick! Do I need to call the doctor?

It can be tricky at times to know what was going on with our baby or toddler when they are not feeling well. When my kids were little, it felt like a mystery to me. Were they teething? Was it an ear infection? Or maybe the flu or a cold? Why do they have a fever? What could this rash mean? Now that my kids are school-aged, it is a whole lot easier as they can tell me how they are feeling and explain what they need.

Sad mother with babyI now receive calls from my siblings about their little ones. I’m thrilled I get to enjoy them as an aunt. It’s like a gift. But that call when they aren’t feeling well still stumps me at times. I proudly enjoy the calls as the experienced oldest sister (and they like that I happen to be a nurse). Is it really always that clear? I think not! Continue reading

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