Winter Family Fun

The cold weather has arrived and it is at this time of year when you may want to curl up with a good book by the fire.  But anyone with kids knows that those quiet moments won’t last very long.   I always struggle with how to keep my children (as well as myself) active in the winter.  As a parent, we know that children benefit from being active every day, all year round, but sometimes it’s harder to think of things for them to do in the cold winter months.  

One of the biggest challenges for me is trying to limit the time my kids spend on the computer, playing video games or watching TV.  I find it easier to get them away from
‘the screen’ if they have something to look forward to like a family activity or excursion.  I also know that I need to be a good role modelMy kids learn more from my actions than my words, so I try to be active myself, and share in the fun as a family.

Here are some ideas to help your family stay active this winter:

  • Bundle them up and head outdoors.  Children tend to be more active when they are outside.  Some good winter fun can include: tobogganing, skating, skiing, hiking, building snow people and snow castles.
  • Go on Family Excursions. Halton Region has many outdoor places to enjoy, including many Conservation Areas, hiking trails, or check out your local arenas for family skate times
  •  Be active indoors.  Remember, there are many indoor activities available all winter including swimming, volleyball, bowling, or playing active games in your own home.

There are so many ways to be active this winter – just remember to have fun!

About this guest blogger:
Maureen Harris
is a Public Health Nurse with Halton Region who has worked in a variety of nursing settings for over 20 years including acute care and teaching. For the past nine years she has worked on the preschool team, with a special focus on active living in young children. She is an accredited Triple P and Nobody’s Perfect facilitator and she enjoys working with families in her community. She is a mother of three busy children.

Share your experience:
For more tips and hints about your child’s health or to share your experience, there are many ways you can talk to one of us directly:

For parenting information or to speak with a Public Health Nurse (every Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) simply dial 311 or 905-825-6000.

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