How to Grow an Astronaut – Chris Hadfield Style!

Child Astronaut

“Ground control to Major Tom”…I mean, Hadfield – you’ve really made the grade! Space has never really interested me too much. In fact, the use of astronauts as the unofficial benchmark for smarts and achievement (along with brain surgeons and quantum physicists) has always actually annoyed me a little. That was until recently. That was until International Space Station Commander, Chris Hadfield – the pride and joy of Milton Ontario – knocked my socks off!

In a post mission interview with City TV, when asked what he would tell kids who want to achieve great things, he shared his “cornerstones for success”:
• Take care of your body
• Get an education
• Learn to make decisions (and stick with them)

What struck and impressed me, aside from his SUPER AWESOME rendition of Bowie’s Space Oddity, was that just about anyone can do the three things Commander Hadfield suggests if given the proper support, guidance and opportunity.

Now, how support, guidance and opportunity look will vary from one family to the next and according to the unique needs, circumstances and abilities of every child. There is no one way to build your own personal “astronaut” (code for whatever your goal is). But amazing things can be done…by anyone!

In honour of Father’s Day, I salute a Milton dad who did something amazing in my eyes – not conquering the final frontier…showing every kid everywhere: YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! Happy Father’s Day, Chris Hadfield – thanks to you, the stars look very different today.

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