“Ka-Pow to Powerjams”: new kid’s e-book about climate change

Last week HaltonParents got to be part of an official kids book launch at Milton Public Library, on Clean Air Day, June 5. Very exciting stuff!

Book_Launch_01 (2)

Early Literacy Specialist Sharon Campbell-Springstead and Public Health Nurse Julia Brdarevic read Ka-Pow to Powerjams to local students.

The book is “Ka-Pow to Powerjams” and is the final book in a set of three for kids aged 4-8 about air quality and climate change written and produced by our very own Halton Region Health Department.

The most recent book “Ka-Pow to Powerjams” brings back Biff, Tyto and Alba-Alba, the Barn Owls from the earlier books and introduces two new characters – “exchange students” from the far North – a Snowy Owl named Quincy, and Nahanni, a Gyrfalcon. After a power failure caused when a falling tree branch knocks down a power line during a severe winter storm, the owls learn from their visitors what they can do to reduce energy use and be better prepared for extreme weather.

The full series is available as e-books. In my last blog post I mention e-books as a new and interesting way to interact with our kids and here’s what’s exciting about these particular e-books:

  1. Teach our kids about climate change and what they can do about it. 
  2. Interactive play! The newest book includes related seek and find activities and comes with a complementary memory card game, featuring the characters from all three books.
  3. The first two e-books are also available in French, Cantonese, Polish, Punjabi and Spanish (the newest e-book will be translated very soon too). How cool is that?!
  4. FREE! (Cue the mass exodus of people rushing over!) AND – The first 100 people who complete an online survey about the newest book will receive a free hard copy of the book.Powerjams_Cover_mar13

Go check it out – and our past blog posts when the other two books were published:

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