Happy September

I simply love September.  It’s my favourite month of the year.  There is just something about this month and season that wraps me in feelings of renewal and optimism.  September is more like New Years Eve to me, full of hope and excitement in what lies ahead.

Mother and children running along woodland path in autumn

My love for September started during my own childhood. I vividly remember the feeling of excitement starting school and the annual tradition of getting a fresh box of crayons. If I close my eyes, I can still see the box, hear the cardboard flap open and smell the scent of new pointy wax crayons. But nothing could beat the excitement and anticipation of seeing my friends, meeting my teacher and opening that blank notebook to write my first words of the school year.

Elementary school kids queueing to get on to a school bus

Now as an adult, fall is a time to connect with nature. The glowing autumn sun seems to warm my bones. The blazing trees, dressed up in their splendid yellows, oranges and reds, look spectacular with the vivid blue sky as their backdrop. The cooler temperatures beckon me outside to walk more, hike higher and cycle longer in nature’s gorgeous palette.

Girl holding acorn and colorful leaf in autumn park. Child picking acorns in a bucket in fall forest with golden oak and maple leaves. Children play outdoors. Kids playing and hiking in the woods.

As a parent, doing fall activities with my children brings me such joy. Seeing nature through my children’s eyes is heart-warming. Every acorn or leaf collected is a treasure to a little one. Visiting a local apple orchard or pumpkin patch is a family fun tradition that will be with us forever. Whatever you do, don’t miss Halton’s Pumpkins to Pastries Trail!  You are guaranteed to make family memories that last a lifetime.

Asian boy playing at pumkin path.

Revelling in nature’s bounty at this time of year and getting in the kitchen to cook is one of my favourite things too!  Fall soups, freshly homemade with ingredients from our local farmer’s market are gobbled up in my house.  Nothing beats an apple pie made with apples hand-picked by the kids.

Whatever your feelings are about September, we here at HaltonParents wish you a fabulous start to the school year and the fall season.  Embrace this season of change, get outside with your family and soak up nature’s beautiful show.  I’ll see you out there!

About Karen Hay, RN

Parenting and supporting families to be as healthy as possible is my passion. I love opportunities to connect with Halton families on social media and look forward to chatting with you online. Halton Region is where my family lives and plays.
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