The Story of the Deputy Police Chief and his Teacher

Halton Police Deputy Chief Nishan (Nish) Duraiappah overcame some tough obstacles in his youth, a time when change is difficult and its impacts are often unforgiving. During his high school years, Nish experienced two significant life changing events. Sadly, his dad passed away and, while still coping with this great loss, he severely injured his arm. Nish was fortunate to a have great support from family and friends, so these challenging times were cushioned for the only child and budding musician.

High school was one of those supportive places for Nish, and in particular one of several great teachers made a difference. Mr. Stuart Charles was a well-liked teacher at Milton District High School. Nish remembers Mr. Charles always made time for his students, greeting them with a warm hello as the kids entered the library and a moment for casual chat before they left. Nish remembers Mr. Charles just seemed to care. He noticed when you weren’t yourself or slacking off and he really took interest in his students.
“When I hurt my arm, Mr. Charles even visited me in the hospital to see how I was doing,” said Nish. “Looking back, the impact of our regular conversations was a great buffer for me. I was lucky my teachers were so supportive.”

From left, Mr. Charles Stuart, Deputy Police Chief Nishan (Nish) Duraiappah and Mr. Camarni.

From left, Mr. Stuart Charles, Deputy Police Chief Nishan (Nish) Duraiappah and Mr. Camarni.

It was also Mr. Charles who introduced the Deputy Police Chief to the idea of a career in policing. He knew the kind of kid I was and one day encouraged me to sign up for the Halton Regional Police, PEACE Program, a program for youth that still runs today.
“It was through that experience that I decided policing would be in my future,” Nish said. “When the summer program finished, I couldn’t wait to tell Mr. Charles all about it.”

The story of the Deputy Police Chief and his teacher embodies many of the rich qualities of a developmental relationship – a meaningful relationship that nurtures and prepares children and youth as they navigate life ahead. Mr. Charles was a caring teacher and a friend. He made Nish feel valued by connecting with him often. He expected him to live up to his potential and guided him through hard situations by providing support and advice. Opportunities to lead were created in and out of school, and Nish benefited from new experiences like the summer police program.

Strong relationships with people who care help children and youth succeed academically, socially, and drive them in their future aspirations. Relationships like these help them to develop the skills, values and attitudes that build resiliency.

When Nish got the exciting news he was successfully promoted to Deputy Chief of Operations for Halton Regional Police, it was only fitting that Mr. Charles was at the top of his call list. On the night of his swearing in ceremony, Nish embraced the opportunity to thank his teacher for being there. I can only imagine how proud Mr. Charles felt and what a fine testament to the role he played as a mentor and teacher.

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For most of my nursing years I have been out in the community supporting new parents on their fabulous journey into parenthood! I love working as part of the HaltonParents team. I have 2 awesome boys, who make me smile daily! So glad we could connect.
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9 Responses to The Story of the Deputy Police Chief and his Teacher

  1. Janet Siverns says:

    What a great story about the power of a caring adult to build into the life of a youth. Thanks for sharing, Carolyn!

  2. Cathy Jackson says:

    What a great story. We are so lucky to have Nish as our Deputy Chief. He is a true role model for all the kids. Nish has shown us that when you set goals for yourself, nothing is impossible. There should be more teachers like Mr. Stuart, who take the time to spend with the kids.

  3. Sheldon Maerov says:

    Ask Nish to give 100%. He’ll give you 110 and still reach higher. A special man and a credit to the force for recognizing it and a teacher for cultivating it.

  4. k.n.sivagnanasunderam says:

    Dear Nishan, proud to see what u have become, really a” chip of the old Block” and happy to see that u have the nose, smile of ur late Dad and the colour of ur Dr ,Mom , who brings the trade mark color of my late mentor, larger than ceylon , late G.G. , since ur Mom is his niece, knows or used to see ur Dad picking up ur Mom from Jaffna hospital where she was when courting ur dad or after marriage. Had the opportunity to speak to ur Dad on occasions while studying in JAF & later working in CMB.
    Known ur aunt late Stella. and other family members.
    congratulations and all the best, one day u should follow ur dads footsteps & be a mayor of Toronto. we live in Scarborough, migrant to Canada,22 yrs back, would love to meet u personally one day. also forgot to mention the eyes of ur dad & urs. my name is kn.n. siva. nbr home 416 2087100.
    Good luck & God bless u

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