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5 awesome things I discovered about being a divorced parent

Quite often we hear about how hard it is to be a divorced parent, and it can be, but there are perks too! When I think back to when my daughter and I were on our own, I have very … Continue reading

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The secret to raising a smart, healthy baby; it’s not what you think

Expose them to nature. The benefits of nature during childhood are endless: Nature enhances creativity, problem-solving and curiosity as it provides endless opportunities for learning with tons of exciting things to play with. You may find both you and your … Continue reading

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6 reasons why breastfeeding a toddler is pretty awesome

I got all warm and fuzzy inside when I read about Sophie GrĂ©goire Trudeau running late for an interview because she was nursing her two-year-old. I know not everyone gets to have the opportunity to nurse their toddler, but if … Continue reading

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