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How to get your teens moving: Hoodwink or clever parenting?

Think about how much you and your kids are active in relation to how much you sit.  Humans were not made to sit, they were made to move. Muscles need to be worked, blood needs to be circulated, lungs challenged … Continue reading

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Clean your room! PLEASE

Does this sound familiar? Always nagging, always having to ask your kids to do their part… and then complaining when they forget? Not only do you complain; you DO what they were supposed to DO while mumbling & even perhaps … Continue reading

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Kids and Money: Not So Funny!

Wow!  Teaching our children to manage money is not very easy, is it?  My girls are 11 and 13 and have definitely awoken to the extras that a few dollars in their pockets can buy.  While it is true that … Continue reading

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Invest in your child – It’s your biggest rate of return

This is the fourth post in our series about child care. When I was as a young working mom of two children, I struggled with finding the time to play games with my kids.  I was busy caring for them and balancing … Continue reading

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