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Is it hormones or mental health? What every parent needs to know.

I heard shouting down the hall… then crying. My daughter entered the room with an empty mug in her hand and she’s sobbing. “She spilled my hot chocolate.” So we are crying over…. spilled hot chocolate? Understandable behaviour if she … Continue reading

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How to help your young child calm themselves down

Like my colleague Karen, I am lucky enough to have a spirited child. My sweet, thoughtful, persistent and perceptive daughter feels all of her feelings so profoundly. Finding out that Daddy is working late elicits such sorrow that all I … Continue reading

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Attitude changes and emotional outbursts. Should I be worried?

“Can you please clean the cat litter?”, I ask as I’m running out to get groceries. My daughter’s response: “No thank you!” I don’t know if she thought adding the “thank you” would soften her response and get her off … Continue reading

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Big kid emotions, big parenting challenge

When I think back to when my kids were growing up, I remember having such a hard time managing their emotional outbursts.  Like many parents I wanted certain behaviours to stop – yelling, slamming doors, and the one that really … Continue reading

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