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Let’s end the “I’m not eating that!” battle

Mealtime – a time when we effortlessly prepare a variety of foods and then wait excitedly for our families to rush to the table and enjoy every bite! Oh wait, I think I just saw a unicorn! OK, time to get … Continue reading

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Are you contributing to mealtime mania?

I recently delivered a presentation to a group of parents with young children on ‘mealtime mania’–the name says it all. Parents were worried that their toddlers were not eating enough, were refusing to try new foods, or were a picky eater. … Continue reading

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How do YOU get your teen to eat breakfast?

Here we go… I’m entering yet another new parenting stage. How does it happen so quickly, one day I’m helping my kids get dressed in the mornings and the next, they are setting their own alarms.  In a blink of … Continue reading

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Eating on the run. Here’s how we make it work…

My work day has come to an end. I should be humming a happy tune as I skip to the elevators to start my descent toward the fresh air. Instead I walk slowly, with trepidation… I take a few deep … Continue reading

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