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In an emergency, would your child know how to call 911?

A few years ago, we got rid of our landline phone. The only people calling us were telemarketers – even the baby boomer grandparents had moved on to texting us! Our kids were babies at the time and to be … Continue reading

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You are never too old to choke!

Have you ever choked on something? Have you ever had to perform abdominal thrusts (also known as the Heimlich maneuver) on someone or have it done to you? It doesn’t matter how old you are – anyone can choke! With … Continue reading

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Are your kids ready to handle an emergency?

Emergencies happen. As adults, we try to prepare for them with home fire escape plans, emergency car kits, and some of us also take CPR and first aid courses. We also do our best to keep our families safe by preventing dangerous situations in the home. … Continue reading

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Disasters and Tragedies… Can you ever be prepared?

I’m still in shock by the recent bombings in Boston. I’m so saddened and horrified that this senseless act has taken place… again. How do you even try to explain this tragedy to your kids? My 12 year old son just couldn’t understand why … Continue reading

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Floods, fires, blackouts…are you prepared?

Flooding in Manitoba and Quebec, forest fires in Alberta and severe storms across the country have recently reminded us of the importance of emergency preparedness.  Remember the power outage of Summer 2003? Many people I talk with actually tell me how … Continue reading

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