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How to help our kids deal with tragic news

Tragic events take place all around the world and many adults are challenged to process what has happened. As adults we know these types of events are extremely rare. We will react in different ways and with a range of … Continue reading

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10 tips for supporting kids in stressful times

As parents and caregivers, we might see our children’s lives as being carefree and happy. Hey, they don’t have to pay the bills, take care of the household, feed the family or chauffeur people all over the place! But kids … Continue reading

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Disasters and Tragedies… Can you ever be prepared?

I’m still in shock by the recent bombings in Boston. I’m so saddened and horrified that this senseless act has taken place… again. How do you even try to explain this tragedy to your kids? My 12 year old son just couldn’t understand why … Continue reading

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