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Attitude changes and emotional outbursts. Should I be worried?

“Can you please clean the cat litter?”, I ask as I’m running out to get groceries. My daughter’s response: “No thank you!” I don’t know if she thought adding the “thank you” would soften her response and get her off … Continue reading

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Hands-free parenting: Let’s try it!

You can see me, but am I really here? If there’s an electronic device in my hand, I’m at least considering giving my attention to someone or something other than you. If I’m texting, using social media, surfing the Net, … Continue reading

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Being heard through a touch screen

A couple months ago I wrote a blog post about babies and toddlers playing with touch screens and suggested that we as parents should consider limiting our kids’ overall screen time. For one thing, it certainly seems that the various … Continue reading

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Toddlers, Transitions and Tantrums

A few months ago, I felt like I lost my grip on this mommy thing. Only now am I ready to share. It was about my daughter’s transition to child care: the most challenging mommy experience I’ve had to date. … Continue reading

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