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The benefits of a healthy smile are more than you think!

On an elementary school ski trip my bestie had her front tooth broken off by a wayward t-bar chair lift. Three things were learned that day and the days that followed; finding a broken tooth in the snow is impossible; … Continue reading

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How to make the dental chair fun!

Being a parent, I’m so relieved my children have had such positive experiences going to dental appointments. The kind smiling faces of the staff make them feel right at home. I have never said to them that this is the … Continue reading

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“Brushing my kid’s teeth could be an Olympic sport!”

“My children do not want to brush their teeth,” “My child will not sit still for me to brush,” “My preschooler wants to brush his own teeth but doesn’t do a good job.” Can you relate? Many of the parents … Continue reading

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Are you pregnant and having problems with your gums?

You may have pregnancy gingivitis  In the dental office where I worked, Susan was one of our regular patients that came every 6 months for her check up and cleaning. She had good oral hygiene, brushed and flossed every day … Continue reading

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It’s funny how certain memories in my life come flooding back when I hear other parents talk about the same situation that not all that long ago was my reality. I have two words for you…teething baby  (dun, dun duhhh).

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Have you ever seen a hockey player without a mouthguard?

Everyone has heard of Sydney Crosby and is aware of his recent down time due to concussions. Good thing he wears a mouthguard otherwise, what other injuries might he have had so far?! Of all the body parts, the mouth area … Continue reading

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Every child should be proud to smile

I met 3 year old Daniel* at a Halton Region dental screening clinic. He was very shy and would not smile. He had big dark brown eyes, but would only look up when asked. Then he quickly looked down at … Continue reading

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