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Kids, fighting and back to school routines.

“Will you stop fighting!” I tell my kids, raising my voice a little too loudly. Yes, my kids are at it again and it can be so frustrating and trivial to me! And it seems to be getting worse as we go … Continue reading

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The TV actually turns off?? COOL!

I am not a perfect person.  It follows then, that I am not a perfect mother.  My children watch TV.  Not as often or as much as some other kids I know (for some shallow reason I felt the need … Continue reading

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Pregnant? Get the real deal on your meal

Doesn’t it seem that when you are pregnant everyone wants to tell you how to eat, what to eat and everything in-between? As a Registered Dietitian working with the Halton Prenatal Nutrition Program I hear a lot of myths around prenatal nutrition. … Continue reading

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