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Parenting an introverted child

Minor hockey in our family was simply a ways to a means. And no, not a means to a budding NHL career, but a means to a play date – the after hockey play date! I thought every child would squeal … Continue reading

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Hands-free parenting: Let’s try it!

You can see me, but am I really here? If there’s an electronic device in my hand, I’m at least considering giving my attention to someone or something other than you. If I’m texting, using social media, surfing the Net, … Continue reading

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Letter to parents about vaccinations and Halton’s measles outbreak

Dear Parent or Caregiver, As I write this there have been six reported cases of measles in Halton Region. These six people, in the time they were infected to before they realized they had measles, have also been in contact with hundreds of other … Continue reading

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Supporting a family who is facing illness

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008.  Since then I have had 4 major surgeries and chemotherapy.  I’ve had a lot of ups and downs and a lot of times I needed help, whether I liked it or not.  … Continue reading

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Are you balanced?

Are you balanced? It’s a question that has caught my attention recently and has gotten me thinking.  Hmmm….define balance.  As I read about it, I saw this question: “Are you keeping pace or being run over?”  In my head I’m … Continue reading

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Surviving high school – Parents, you can make a difference

I think it’s fascinating that no matter how old you are the first day of high school can still bring up so many strong emotions from places that we forget existed. It has been many years since I walked through … Continue reading

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